HOW TO PLAY WARWICK JUNGLE + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES – Warwick Commentary Guide – League of Legends

HOW TO PLAY WARWICK JUNGLE + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES – Warwick Commentary Guide – League of Legends

How to Play Warwick Jungle the right way! Best Build & Runes + Warwick Tips and tricks included.
Warwick Jungle Commentary Guide League of Legends
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26 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY WARWICK JUNGLE + NEW OP BUILD/RUNES – Warwick Commentary Guide – League of Legends

  1. I'm learning to WW jgl, fairly familiar with the game and I'm wanting to get the best ideas on build and runes in terms of playing WW.. This is really helpful. Keep it up man.

  2. "OP BUILD" click bait bs you can see in the thumbnail alone this isn't worth watching. WW pta is obvious, but cinder and iceborn? Dude. WW has zero scaling off max HP besides having more HP once below 50%. On top of that, WW's big power spike is in the mid game, so buying cinderhulk, which doesn't really give you any value until you stack HP, so you need to start getting value from cinder's bonus HP ASAP… Which of course you immediately spend 2.6k gold on an item that gives you zero bonus HP.

    Go warrior.

  3. Wow, i've been playing Warwick since his rework and didn't know that attacking a W target gave attack speed, i thought the target needed to be below 50% for the attack speed buff.

  4. I think junglers should be early game to support the laners to mid game…also I have like a 50/50 with Warwick (love him) I’m so greedy I either do meh or go on a killing rampage with an almost pentakill. I need to be more consistent.

  5. Hey @Kingstix, I am a master tier ww otp and in my opinion currently the best build is Hydra and cinder, than you go visage/randuins/adaptive based on enemy. Also lately I have been trying cdr runes and it is actually really op. So secondary I go free boots and cosmic insight, so that gives 500 gold value in itself+ bonus movespeed on boots. And also I don't go attack speed but cdr in the stats. And in-game I buy cdr boots every game. So at the end of the day you get 25% cdr, 5%item cdr and 15% summoner spell cdr for free which is insane gold value. I think Titanic Hydra is the best scaling item with ww, especially with cinderhulk, because it gives % more hp–more dmg. And you still get the same cdr (or even better). Also you do not waste gold on mana. I know you said that ww runs out of mana but because of the jungle item, at low mana u have blue buff basically. What do you think of this setup?

  6. Im playing league for a month now, never played it before, when i play fking ranked i get people who play from s7-s8 and they are worst than me… i main ww. I got fed in 1 game i was 7/0 in 10 min but was unable to carry cuz my team fed yasuo mid and tristana bot yasuo had 6/2 and tristana was 5/1 at 10… iron and bronze ranks🤣🤣🤣


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