How To Upload Custom Screenshots To Steam: 100% Working Method

How To Upload Custom Screenshots To Steam: 100% Working Method

Do you want to know how to upload custom screenshots to your Steam library? This tutorial will show you a verified workaround to quickly get your files online. This 100% working method was last tried on 4/8/2017, and uses a simple trick of “dummy screenshots” to trick Steam.

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After wanting to upload some custom images to my Steam community groups I became frustrated that I couldn’t upload the pictures that I wanted, so I scoured the internet looking for a working fix. I tried a few methods and tutorials which involved changing filenames and even editing files directly with a text editor. None of them worked! I realized that I could take “dummy” screenshots with Steam and then just overwrite the images with the image that I actually wanted. This method is stupid simple, to the point where it almost makes me angry. But hey, we love our screenshots….REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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  1. UPDATE: Steam uses the "dummy" screenshots to generate thumbnail pictures. Inside of the folder where the screenshots are kept you will find a folder called "thumbnails". Before you upload your overwritten pictures to Steam, delete all of the pictures from the thumbnail folder. When you upload the new screenshots to Steam it will automatically generate a new set of thumbnail pictures from the custom ones. This way your preview picture links and your screenshots will match!


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